Induction cooking is the latest innovation for the kitchen. Instead of heating the surface, the induction elements heat the pot, eliminating the preheat time and allowing more time with friends and family.

With no visible branding, the Chambers can pair with virtually any wall oven and of course, works well with the Chambers hood fans.

A sleek, functional and time saving addition to your kitchen.

3700 W Power Burner
An 8`` high performance 3700W burner.
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SCHOTT CERAN® glass is environmentally friendly, functional, durable.
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Touch Control
For a clean and uncluttered surface.
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Keep Warm Zone
An easy warm mode setting.
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9 Power Levels
Dial in just the right amount of heat needed.
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10 Minute Boost
Control cooking time is available on all burners.
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Controls Lock & STOP/GO
Controls Lock and STOP/GO is a quick way to manage any cooking.
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Residual Heat Indicator
A sensor will show that the glass is still too hot to touch.
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