Ion generation gives the Chambers Retro Refrigerator an edge over other elite refrigerator brands on the market today. In addition to the highest quality design and next generation materials which lend every Chambers refrigerator its upscale appearance, technical and functional improvements like ion generation create the best possible climate inside the appliance – which, after all, is central to the performance of a high end refrigerator. One such advanced refrigeration solutions is IonAir technology, which perfectly imitates the natural process of ionization, making for constantly refreshed refrigerator air that defies staleness and odors. Driven by an intuitive sensor system which tracks user habits to maintain a constant temperature and ideal climate for different foods, top of line ventilation systems allow for complete circulation of refreshed air throughout the entire appliance, bringing freshness to every nook and cranny – a state of the art adaptive technology that is unsurpassed on the market. With ion generation, nature meets tech… and the results are magnificent.