Chambers Appliances History

The genesis of the Chambers brand began in 1910 when John Chambers created a fireless cooker gas stove. In 1912 the Chambers company was formed and began manufacturing in Shelbyville, Indiana. It really was ahead of its time with a patented insulation that allowed the oven to be turned off early and have retained heat finish the cooking. It was energy efficient and kept more moisture in the food. This innovative way of cooking was supported by a cookbook, instead of an operating manual, and promoted in traveling cooking shows. The Chambers brand continued to add unique functionality to its cooking products including an early version of a slow cooker, smokeless broiler and griddle. After several acquisitions the Chambers company stopped manufacturing, but even today, the Chambers brand has a loyal following of customers who value their high quality and performance.

Chambers is now back in North America with a line of retro-style refrigerators, in four gorgeous colors, that continues the heritage of quality, innovation and efficiency. With a host of luxurious and energy saving features, Chambers refrigerators are simply the most cost-efficient way to add stylish functionality and visually up-scale any kitchen. Browse through our Products to find the refrigerator that gives your kitchen that perfect touch of vintage luxury.

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A well-established brand with over 100 years behind its name, Chambers is proud to continue its legacy in offering energy-efficient, luxurious appliances with innovative features to turn any kitchen into a stylish, state-of-the-art culinary space.

An old photograph of Chambers Appliances first insulated oven