Chambers prides itself on decades of dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. All of our appliances undergo quality inspection and testing to make sure their durability and safety match the highest North American standards.

Arranging Service

If this is your first time arranging for service, please register your product with Chambers before filing a claim. You can register by completing the “Register your Product” form below.

A service claim can be filed either through our website or by contacting our service desk at 1-844-455-3474.*. Please ensure that you have the original purchase receipt and warranty number ready for quick assistance**.

NOTE*: We currently only operate in the USA and Canada. Please contact your local Chambers distributor if you are contacting us from elsewhere in North America.

NOTE**: We only stock parts and service Chambers products found on our website.

General Conditions
Not covered by the warranty:

Failures that result from abuse, misuse, rust/corrosion, liquid spills or foreign substances inside the unit; damages caused by accident, fire, theft, flood, or other external causes such as (but not limited to) blown fuses, insufficient electrical power, water and gas systems external to the equipment, or any unauthorized use.

Content losses due to failure of unit are not covered.

Deterioration of aesthetic aspects of the product such as porcelain, glass, paint, dents, scratches, chips, peeling, or rust.

Unauthorized replacement of parts and improper service or modifications made by a technician that has not been authorized by Chambers.

Oil in the evaporator lines due to a failure to let the appliance rest 24hrs, without operation,  after transportation/installation/movement.

Commercial or Rental Use of product limits warranty to 90 days parts and labor on all Chambers products.

Chambers reserves the right to either repair or replace the product under warranty with a comparable feature model. The maximum liability of the warranty shall not exceed the purchase price of the product. Chambers does not hold responsibility for indirect, consequential, or incidental damages to the appliance. For more information on the Chambers warranty please see the back of the Use and Care Manual below.

Product Registration

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Service Request

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